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  1. What's the nozzle that comes with the ultimaker? If I get a bigger nozzle wouldn't I need to change the settings in Cura and on the machine? Do I need to buy the nozzle AND the teflon part?
  2. Where did you go to get a new replacement nozzle? What size do I get? I'm looking at shop3duniverse.com and trying to figure out which one would be best. Thanks for the video, it will be helpful if I end up having to replace the nozzle. -Kurt
  3. Bex, Thanks for the advice. I too thought it was a blocked nozzle. However, after stopping the print, when I try to go into the maintenance menu and have the machine feed through material, it will feed through ok. I'm going to try some fresh material, and then if that doesn't improve things, I'm going to replace the nozzle. -Kurt
  4. I haven't yet gotten any new PLA for my machine and my spool is pretty low. I was planning on getting some new PLA anyway. I've gotten quite a few good suggestions, but I think I'll do what you said first- order the new PLA and see if that makes a difference. The material only snaps after bending it significantly. I don't think it is too terribly brittle, I am in Salt Lake and it is pretty dry here, but I'm willing to try a new spool to see if it works. Thanks for the advice. -Kurt
  5. I have an ultimaker 2 that I've been using for over two and a half years now. I am a teacher at a junior high and I typically use it to just print out random things for students for rewards in class. They find some cool stl files on thingaverse and I print out a copy of it for them. This year I have been having quite a bit of trouble with it. Once the print gets past the beginning stage, everything seems to work fine. But most of the time the material gets hung up in the feeder and doesn't end up coming out the nozzle. I am using PLA material. The print will start, and some material will get put down, but then after one or two passes, the material stops flowing through. At first I thought the nozzle was constantly getting clogged, but then when I tried to "change the material," I noticed there were points were the feeder had worn through the material trying to feed it through the nozzle, but it wasn't moving. When I pulled the material out, cut off the offending indented part, and put it back in, the print would work just fine. The problem is I have to do this with nearly EVERY print. Do I increase the material flow? Increase the temperature? Is the PLA material being nearly three years affecting its performance? Thanks for any suggestions.
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