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  1. Unfortunately the model will only fit one way on my build plate. I have tried zig zag and all it does is link the lines. they still run the same direction. Not sure what to do to support this. I am printing it in PETG and by the time i put enough support in o grow the over hang the support gets solid enough that it just becomes part of the wall. ,
  2. HI all, I have an issue where the part that i am trying to build needs to be oriented with the overhangs running lengthwise on the Y axis. Cura is also building the supports on the Y axis. This means that I end up with one long support wall under my overhang running the same direction as a the lines in the part. Is there anyway to change the direction of the lines in the support from the Y axis to the X axis so that they are not all running the same direction. thanks
  3. Dave_w Thank you for the response. Shortly before your response I found the additional 3 temp settings in Cura and was able to resolve the issue in the gCode. As for the settings in my firmware, it is an Airwolf HD2x printer and the Firmware is not open source. They want me to use their Apex software and will not adjust the firmware to work with Cura.
  4. I am having the same issue in 3.1. I do not follow the workflow outlined in the post to correct it. How do I go about making these setting visible? I am using an airwolf HD2x printer that only has one heater for a dual hot end. When it wants to cool one extruder and maintain temp on the other the 2 settings fight one another and the machine freezes.
  5. I'm having a similar issue with 3.1. I am running a dual extruder on a custom FDM setup. I have all of my temp settings at 240 c in my material and the side column but when I output my gCode it starts off with T0 and T1 at 240 c and then as the extruders change it randomly changes the temp on the extruders. I have shown several sections of code from the same file below to show what is happening. This is a major issue because my machine uses a combined dual extruder that does not allow me to use different values for each extruder. ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:33654 ;Filament used: 33.6
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