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  1. After closer inspection the auto levelling does indeed seem to be the cause of the sound! I cannot see that the screw is rotating but when i put a finder on it, i can feel a very tiny vibration each time the sound occurs. Thank you very much all of you!
  2. Do you experience this knocking sound on all your prints? At my office we have an UM2 Extended, and it never made any sounds like that, only the usual humming from the motors. It might not be an issue but I just don't want a short life for my printer if it is.
  3. I already tried to touch the z screw to feel if it moved while printing, but it does not. And the sound does not disappear after a while, it is audible throughout the entire print.
  4. Hi, I just bought a brand new Ultimaker 3 and everything seems good besides an odd knocking sound whenever I'm printing. The sound is only present when I'm printing, not when I move the printing head manually. I have tried to check for loose parts but everything seems tight and it's impossible to locate where the sound comes from. I contacted the shop where I bought the machine but they had never heard anything like this sound before. Here is what it sound like: http://flipboxx.com/um/vid.mp4 Has anyone experienced something like this? Or can an official Ultimaker supports person please give a hand here. I paid a lot of money to be able to print without issues. Thank you.
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