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  1. I have since upgraded to 3.2, but I was using 3.1 during this print. I'm going to test snippets of the original gcode to see if it is repeatable and whether changing any settings makes a difference. I'll let you know... Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to play with this more after I get the current project I'm working on finished. I think I will cut out the overlapping layers from the full g-code file and print them, making subtle changes. Then examine what the results are. What bugs me about this problem is that the majority of the windows in the Locomotive cab face printed perfectly. So I know that the translation from model to gcode works. What I also know is the problem occurs when the layer changes going up. There has to be a transition bug in the software. What I don't know is why it f
  3. I realized I'm probably not going to get an answer to this post because there are too many variables. So I decided to dissect the G-Code produced by Cura. When I look at the code one layer at a time, in areas of this model, I see inconsistencies in where my print nozzle will be during the print. Another words, if the layers are the same going up one layer at a time, printing the mirror of the last layer, why would the gcode change? For example; When I look at the vertical walls of this part, the have a wave in them. But the wave has a pattern in it.
  4. I was being stupid... Auto slice wasn't on. Guess one needs to slice the part first. Oh well.. Maybe this will help someone else
  5. Man I hope I'm not being stupid... After I click on layer view, I get the usual check boxes, but the slider used to exam each layer is missing. Is it somewhere else now?
  6. Wonder if someone can tell me why I'm having print quality issues at corners? I just finished printing a cab for a Switcher engine and was surprised that there were flaws in the print. As with any 3d print, we can have flaws, but I'm wondering if these were produced by the slicing. The reason I think this might be the case is the flaws have patterns in them. As the rows go up, the print is exactly the same, flawed, but slightly offset from the previous row. You will note that the problems are around corners and breaks in the row. Any ideas?
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