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  1. Hi gr5, thank you for your fast reply. I used the same settings as 2 weeks before, when I started to use the new filament... so this can hardly affect the delay. As well I normally see the cores heating up again (red flashing light)... this doesn´t happen. It stays white while pending at the nozzle switch station... I seems to me that there is a mem-error or some kind of loop that needs to be broken prior to continuing to print... as well in the beginning there wasn´t hardly any delay. As the printed object got hiher in the z-axis the delay started to get more immanent. Maybe it recalculated the sliced objekt again each time when it hoped to another z-level and then trying to refind its position.. I will try to print another object when I come back from my x-mas trip in a week and then hopefully the error will have "magically" disapeard into some paralell universe ;O). Have a good christmas-time with family or friends! Greetings Daniel
  2. Hi to all of you... I have obtained a new problem which I never had before and it showed only 2 days ago... 1. I have a new setting since 2 weeks as I am printing parts with CF-20 filament with an apropriate nozzle... 2. This in conjunction with the normal BB 0.4 of Ultimaker The prints were all fine until yesterday I experienced some "underextrution" issues on one side of my prints. Now the print seems to be fine, but at the layer change the printer decides to make a brake of 20 seconds each time befor starting a new cycle. This costs time and cools out any layer it has made previously... I have never experienced such a "delay" and it seems the higher the object gets, the more "thinking time" the printer needs. Would the slicing be corrupted? Or the g-code? Maybe one of you has had a similar problem Greetings to all crazy-one out there still printing on x-mas time... Daniel
  3. Hi Smithy, Hi JohninOttawa, I really did run in some problems. But theese problems were DOS based problems. I did forget that the codes will not accept the "new" long path´s entries which are longer then 6 characters and no special characters as well (see short DOS-path (8.3) ... so I had to rechange the path to a "simple" one and it worked. Now I will try it... See you around. I will mark this as "Problem solved now" Greetings Daniel
  4. Hi Smithy, thank you so much... I´ll change it a bit later and try it on my next bigger printout. I´ll let you know it it worked.. Breakfast in Austria= Great! Need to visit some place there again soon (probbably for skiing purpouses).. but I miss your local food! Greetings from Heidelberg Daniel PS: I have added a little something I just did the day before yesterday as a present. Maybe it is worth some use... I have tried it and it works great for me. Feel free to add, adapt or change anything you like... The holes I leave it up to you to drill or draw in later as the frequency can be adapted (Not everybody wants to start with a C..) Flöte fertig ohne Löcher.zip
  5. Hi to all 3D-Print addicted (like me). Cold weather and the dark season thrives me back into my home wanting to create new stuff. Sometimes something goes wrong (not that you know of those problems ;O) ) but for me one thing that helps me is my built in camera of the UM3. I use one of the scripts I found here in the community. It is written in python and it works great (Timelapse.py). There is just one trouble with it and I can not find a way of changing the dumping folder in the program itself. Right now it uses the "temp"-Folder of my PC in order to sequentially save a foto there. Then when the print is over, the program takes those fotos and combines them together to an .mp4-File that can be watched. In the past and when i was printing things this was a good way to see the print in a few seconds and say "Yes, that was good" or at some point "sc.. what happened"... this way sometimes I could figure out the problem just by looking at the condensed film. Now as I come out more often to print jobs that take more time (1 day and more) the problem starts. The "temp"-Folder of my PC emptys itself out every time 24h have past and this effects the dumped pictures as well. In the beginning I thought I was doing something wrong but actually the program needs a continuity in order to combine the fotos to the vid. Once the PC has erased one day of fotos the next fotos are continuing with for example tx000130 and not with tx000001. Combining them will not work anymore and the program crashes every time this happens and leaves me only with the fotos of the last day... First try to find out how to avoid the automatic erase of the "temp"-Folder was not successfull... anyhow the Software would not have to installed such a folder if it wasn´t for a good reason. Therefore in the next step I tried to find if the "temp"-Folder would be written in the python-program as a path. But this as well was not the case. And to interpret the language I am not into python-programming too much as to say that I would want to change anything in there. Therefore my question: Maybe one of you is good in programming with python and can reprogram the saving-folder to a different place (any place that is not erased automatically after a certain time and not the desktop would help). I will leave you with the program itself so that you may use and reprogram it as you wish. Thank you for any help regarding this problem. Greetings Daniel PS: please try not to "unzip" the file. I just changed .py to .zip in order to beeing able to attach it here ;O) timelapse.zip
  6. Hi Brulti, Hi kmanstudios, yep probably that was it... I didn´t pay attention when I opened the box.. but nontheless the box was covered with the UPS box, so if I open it, that means goodbye for the money cause I lack the proove that it was defective the first place. Well it was the first time for me and I hope that will not happen too often... as this would result in a russian roulette kind of buy. Anyhow now I posess 2 BB´s and I will try to reuse the first one. So if it works that save me the second until the first dies for good! See you around!
  7. Hi Brulti, simple answer: it was the filament! I don´t really know why, but it was the filament... I didn´t use it too seldom and it also was "only" a half-spool. Did I mention that it was the filament? Well I am happy now that it wasn´t some tricky bug in Cura or even worse, in the printer itself. So I hail to all persons who have supported me with their ideas on how I can go ahead. Here is a final pic from the print. I´ll clean it tomorrow, because now it´s just too late to do that. I also took a timelapse of the print but the bastard of my PC killed 90% of all pics in the temp-file and thus the program ffmpeg wouldn´t find nothing anymore to compile. Such a s... (btw. that was my 1st 2.5 day-Print) ? See you around Daniel PS: It was the filament! Strange, but true...
  8. Hi Brulti, thank you again for your answer! Unless I get another filament that could withstand those temperature I also will forget about the ease of letting it get washed by my dishwasher (unless I hated the part anyhow)... Now to the bad part: It failed again even with the new printcore. Now in this case I have one last thing to change --> the filament ! I will do that on Sunday. Then I will try it again and see what happens. If that failes again I am out of ideas... I will report on Monday or Tuesday next week... Greetings Daniel
  9. Hi zaqi, nice to hear of you again. So here is what I did. Seeing that you have installed the programms alright it will be only a matter of getting the syntax right.. I now took a screenshot the actual program and made some detailed explanations on how you use the different syntaxes and where they are placed and what exactly they do. If you get it right the programm should wait for you to start the printer and then start taking pictures... I tried everything from each time 1 pic every 30 seconds to 150 secs and they were all good. Only the last numbers only make sense if you got a large print and you want to see it fast in the end. If you want so see where something went wrong it is advised to use smaller numbers e.g. 30-50. Then you see more detail in the building but it will take more time. Hope you will get a success this time. Greetings Daniel
  10. Hi Brulti, just like you said... it wasn´t the best idea.. nonetheless it worked on a couple of month. Now like I said I bought the original BB "again" and I will treat it like a princess hoping that it´ll last me a little longer. Only after this one will leave me as well I will try the Solex. Until that time I will try to optimise my knowledge with cura... I will let you know it it ultimately was the hotend or not... Greetings Daniel Btw: Do you know a filament that will not be destroyed in my dishwasher? Lat time I printed a coupling between a big BBQ-Bottle and a handpump. I worked great until I decided that it would be time to give it a wash. I used PC and in the sheet it sais it´ll be stable until 110 c°. My dishwasher uses 90 c°. When it came out clean, it was too much distorted, so I had to print a second one...
  11. Hi Brulti, I think you are right! I ordered a new core 2 days ago and I will get it on Monday. So I will let you know. I think the core was eaten up... I once cleaned the outside of the nozzle with sand paper and I scraped off too much so I kind of redid the nozzle-tip with a sandpaper of a smaller granulat and it kept working... but 1 month ago it was clogged too much so I decided to open the hotend and it was all burned up inside (I couldn´t even to a cold pull anymore). So I decided to drill it free with a dremel and a drill of the same size... it came free alright and it worked again, but I think now I changed somehow the incline of the inside of the nozzle itself. Yesterday I had to free it the same way and after reinstalling the tip in the hotend, I reallized that the filament flew free, but i got harder each minute to press it throuh so that the filament would flow out the same amount. I suppose that´s what happened now to the filament each time I try to print... at least that is my last guess, too. I hope the new core does last a little longer though. I plan on buying one of the cores with changable tips (solex). Do you have any idea if that works better because spending 120 euros everytime that BB or AA core is clogged too much will destroy my pocketmoney for other things... ;O) and the other nozzles come in different sizes, too. I will let you know once the new BB-Core is installed if it workes better now... Greetings Daniel
  12. Hi Brulti, that is what I thought, too... until the day bevore yesterday. I was all cleaned... but still the problem persists... Not i´ll try a higher print temp and a slower print velocity. maybe that helps... Maybe the printhead is somewhat "worn off" it is always so dirty after a print. If you have any other clues you got the g-code, so you know what type of setting I use.. besides that I changed the "adaptive layer" away. I will try it again this evening. Greetings to all of you Daniel
  13. Hey Dim3nsioneer and DF-Werkzeugservice, I just started another print and (cross my fingers) thus and up until now, it worked fine (withot a starting problem printing PVA correctly in the middle of the printout (it got partly ripped away). But after a few layers it had stabilized again... so far so good. I can only tell you, after the print is finished. I will take another Day and a half for it to finish and if it finisheds I have a smoth solution to place my pad in my car! So far to say I can say 2 things: 1. The feeder-roll was taped with PVA-powder, so I thouroughly cleaned it today (solving 1 problem I hope). 2. The bigger problem probably was that I used an experimental adjustment, that probably will not go good with PVA. I was the "adaptive layer" one. I was trying to save me 1 day... Now it´s printing it regularly layerwise and everything seems to work out just fine. Tell you tomorrow, if I´still happy... See you Daniel
  14. Hi Dim3nsioneer, thank you for your reply... 1. The PVA might have picked up humidity. Is it sizzling during extrusion? NO... it extrudes normally 2. I opened the feeder completely the last time but this print failed completely as you can see in the attachment (zipped File).. BUT, I recognized the day that I made this print that the feeder did not advance the filament enough for it to print out the first "blob" before going to printing the brim... so I helped the filament very fast with unlocking the feeder suspensiton and pushing in the filament manually.. then it worked. So it should be an issue with the feeder I suppose. I will look in it again and send you in some fotos. Can it be that the feeder "didn´t get the info" sometimes from the hardware to advance and retract? Always when I have this problem the filament inside the tube looks a little pushed but if I push it with my hands manually the flow is restored after a while and it runs normally so the pressure shouldn´t be a problem but the feeding... I will send in some fotos later that day. Greetings Daniel
  15. Got it... problem not solved but it seemed to be evidend all the time. Thank you!
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