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  1. Thanks for all the inputs. I tried, but still no luck for me:
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Oh dear, not the info I was hoping for. Back to using multiple slicers then. Hope that the Cura developers will fix that after all these years.
  3. I got into 3D printing a few years back. A lot of my designs are containers with walls of the size of my nozzle, 0.4 mm Back then I gave up using cura very fast, cause I couldn't get it to slice these parts. I used ReplicatorG since then, and it never ever had any problems slicing these parts. Now I bought a new printer and I try to work with Cura 3.1.0 Still cannot get Cura to slice it right (leaves big gaps, jumps all over the place...) Please see example stl attached and help me with the proper settings if possible. I'm sure it's user error...
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