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  1. If you see the attachment and examine the sequence of the printing, you will notice that the infill for the center piece starts before the printing of the letter walls. I want the letters to be printed first.
  2. Apologies, the attachment is not correct, here follows the correct version: PI3MK2_Dog_Stensil.3mf
  3. I have an object with small writing on the first layer. My printer can do it, but the outlines of the letters have a low success rate. Unfortunately Cura slices the object so that it starts to infill parts of the first layer for a long period before doing the letter outline. Because of this I lose material when the print eventually fails on the letter outline. Is there a way to tell Cura to prioritize walls just like the "infill before walls" option does to infill? I'm really just looking for the opposite of the "Infill before walls" option. The cura project is attached. All
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