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  1. THere were some stringing and I've tried to remove it. The thing is that when just trying to turn the fan manually, it rotates with no issue, so it doesn't seem like it's being stopped from moving. Hmm I guess it may be a S3 then? I wasn't the one who bought it so I'm not 100 on the name. Do you have any idea how I should extract the stuck filament? It's very much stuck and I can't figure out how get it out. As I said I've tried pulling it at temperatures from 180 til 270 with no luck. It feels like it's moving a little bit and then gets stuck somewhere after moving a mm or two
  2. So we've been having some issues with our ultimaker 3. It started out with the printer seemingly randomly failing it's active levelling and then starting to underextrude once in a while. I was able to temporarily fix these issues but now I think something has well and truly gone wrong. I was attempting a print and it ended up entirely failing by barely extruding anything and the flow sensor stopping the print.. When I then tried removing the filament I realised that it is very much stuck in the printhead, I've tried gradually heating it up to 270 and it remains impossible to pull out. I've also noticed the the fans don't seem to work anymore, so that may be related. Is there a way to manually start the fans in the controls? I've been looking but can't seem to find the option.
  3. It's essentially a small container. Printing the Screw thread as a seperate object so that each side can be printed flat on the print bed
  4. I've done just that, not sure If I've reached the minium, but I've set the secondary color to print at a very slow speed and it appears to improving the result... It hasnt gotten super far just yet but it looks cleaner at it's current stage than previous attempts
  5. The insect antennas can be sanded off or otherwise removed, but the printer is also dragging parts of the stringing "into" the print, which makes it difficult or impossible to remove 😕 So a general update.. I've been playing around with the retraction settings, print temperature and speed according the advice I've found in various discussion threads with very little effect. I've made a test file with two 2 color towers, which doesn't seem to suffer from the stringing, so it seems to be the complexicity of the print file that worsens the effect.
  6. I've tried playing around with retraction settings and at lower temps and lower speeds... so far no improvement. I'll try disabling combing for my next attempt... Right now I'm printing a set with even more extremely retractions settings. With regards to materials I've actually tried quite a few different ones with no visible difference
  7. Thank you for the reply. Cura automatically enabled the prime tower when I assigned the details to be printed in a second color, so that is already taken care of. To try and better explain it, it's sort of like the nozzle is dragging the remaining second color material away from or into the rest of the ball when it's done with an island of the second material during printing.. This results in the colors kinda blending a few places and the ball being pretty spikey and have loose bits of material 2 sticking out everywhere. I've started a new print so hopefully I'll have an image to explain it better tomorrow.
  8. The company I work at has an ultimaker 3s and we are currently attempting to print what are essentially balls in one color with a detailed pattern of another color added to the surface of the ball. I've split the ball in 2 halves and the prints are mostly successful however each island of the small details printed in the second color has bits of plastic sticking out and is generally uneven and weird. Is there a setting in ultimaker to avoid this type of issue ? Sadly I don't currently have any picture to share since all our prints have been sanded down .
  9. So I'm a total beginner with this 3d printing business, so I may have overlooked something obvious... that said I have looked around and I remain at a loss as to what is going on. Basically I'm trying to use Cura to slice 3d models for my cr10 s, as that's what seems to be what people generally recommend. My problem is that when I use the newest version of cura, the printer goes to the far bottom right corner and attempts to print (unsuccesfully i might add). I know you're supposed to uncheck the home is center option, which was never turned on to begin with in my case. Then I tried to install the older version which comes with the cr10 s USB stick... while it still doesn't print in the middle, it's closer. The problem is that it only prints a little bit and then stops. I know the printer is setup up correctly because the pre-sliced model that comes on the USB prints perfectly fine. I'd really appreciate some help.
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