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  1. UPDATE: After practising desoldering small components for a few days, I am confident to say that I would just screw it up. So that seemingly easy solution was not that easy! So in the Duet Wifi goes. I already started wiring it in. Just need to find or create a good Config, and make things neat and tidy, as they where.
  2. Oh, good catch! I will need to verify that. I guess that its no idea to try and install the smallform version of the driver? Bien pris! 😉
  3. Hi guys! I appreciate all the answers and help. Ah, so the 2208 are simple drop-ins? GREAT! That is great news :) Merci! Si vous voudrez, je comprends français. Je suis un étranger qui habit en île-de-France. YES, but also no! I got the Mark2 upgrade installed, and if I can wait a bit longer with the more expensive upgrade and be forced to learn how to re-program the Mark2 part.... Im happy 😉. I got enough on my plate for a little while longer, so one thing at a time. Thanks! I will start with dismanteling a Melzi board and
  4. thanks for your answer, Curven! So you do believe it is possible? If I fail, or I cant do this, I will just replace it with a Duet3d card anyway (which is what I got on my other machine). So... failure is an option! I am not very experienced at soldering, but I think I could de-solder those, and solder in thin wire, jumper cables and add the steppers on those, like this: EDIT: Obviously the would have to be soldered straight into the board, as there are not connectors there.. but otherwise like this. That would be a bit messy, but I could accept it. It would be a solution
  5. So, UM2, changing stepper drivers.. No one that can chime in with any advice or experience?
  6. Hi! I have been toying with my UM2 for a good while, ugrading to a "+", installing the awesome Mark2 kit, and so on. I have also been playing with a cheap chinese printer, where I added the great and modern Duet2Wifi card. I love that, and especially I do appreciate the silence offered! I do like the UM2 intuitive scroll-wheel and screen, and my wife knows how to use it. So I would like to try to simply silence it down, to keep it modern and working all night long. So, to change the stepper drivers for say, X&Y to begin with, what model could be recommended, genuine Watterot 2208?
  7. Yes, it is correct. I should probably open a separate thread for this, as by now I am certain what isnt the fault. It isnt the fault of the extruder, just something hidden somewhere. Probably something embarrassingly simple, but so far, I havent found it. but it isnt nozzle or filament diameter. Well, now I am printing a 24h print, it works well, only had to adjust flow quite a bit. I hope a solution will appear,but until then I guess I'll accept the anomality, s I couldnt find a solution over almost two days of my spare time doing almost only that!
  8. Yeah, I have tried everything in my power. Loading the files from two different computers, a PC and a Mac, so it shouldnt be Cura. I installed the drivers and factory rebooted several times. All different versions. in Tinkerware I see that the E-steps are now correctly 311, and when I "move material" 100mm I saw with my digital caliphers that it was exactly 100mm... But still, prints turn to porridge! CJS: between yesterday and now until I reinstalled Tinkerware, it pushed it not even a quarter of the tube in the "change material" sequence. Now I tried that again thanks to you
  9. It is quite possible it is to high, but it was good before I changed, and the change is not that immense. It is litterally exruding four times as much as needed, and that doesn't correspond to the difference in the two excruders. I bought a used UM2 that I upgraded to a "+", and now put this Bondtech excruder on. I confirm that I did.....nt do that. I updated the driver from their (Bondtech) site. That's what I thought I was supposed to do. Works best so far, except for the now obligatory and quite inexplainable 25% flow situation.. I was playing with Tinkerware the
  10. Hi guys, I just today recieved and installed my Bondtech DDG and installed their new driver.Hardware is definitively awesome, but somewhere something is wrong, as anything I tried to print looked like porridge cause of super-over excrusion. Now I'm printing at 25% Material Flow and it kinda looks right, will probably go down a bit more for next print. Still, there must be a value somewhere thats a bit off that I can do to rectify this? ( ie. it pushes out at least 4 times as much plastic as it "should" at 100%) I also installed Tinkerware and it gave problems on the X,Y axis. (I tried a f
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