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  1. I figured it out. Thank you so much! That was definitely it.
  2. By deleting the config does that get rid of all my other printers again? I normally wouldn't care, but I just got done entering them all again 2 weeks ago.
  3. I am using the z height plugin. So after this will I not be able to use it? Or do I need to do a fresh install and then install it? Without it I cant use the hardcore nozzles as it prints too close to the bed and jams.
  4. So just caught up on a bunch of firmware updates. I went all the way to the lastest one. Now when I print it tries to print a good 25mm or so above the bed for some reason. Any ideas? If it matters I am using hardcore nozzles, tried cura 3.6 and 4.0, and it was working perfectly fine before the firmware update. It must know where it is though because the prime goes to the correct spot.
  5. Out of curiosity does your hardcore print VERY close on the first layer for some reason? Mine is so thin that I almost have to use a razor blade to get it off. It is so thin that I cannot do a xy calibration because I cant see what it is printing compared to the nozzle in the right.
  6. Hmm I think I figured it out. When i closed it and reopened it the profile was there. Thanks a bunch!
  7. It says Hardcore when it is loaded in the printer. What I am looking to do is basically just set up a profile to save for lets say I have a .6 nozzle in. I want to be able to just select it and be good to go once I have it set up. What I don't want to do is change my AA 0.4 settings, change a printcore or nozzle, and forget what settings I had or have to record them and change them constantly. If that is possible to do. I snagged that profile creator. I cant figure out how to save the profiles though. I can click create profile and name it, but it doesn't save.
  8. So I just picked up a 7 nozzle hardcore kit for my um3. Is there a way in Cura 3.0+ to add printcores? I would like to have it be a seperate option if possible so I can set it up for the different nozzles. I'm not seeing anything that lets me add any. I might be blind though.
  9. Mine did that as well. I manually leveled and it was off by a little bit. Once I got it closer to being level and ran the auto level the knocking went away. Try that and see.
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