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  1. I am making time lapses of the prints and will post a link to my channel when I post the plane.
  2. It's a flying wing and has a wingspan of over 1 meter.
  3. I have designed this plane from scratch and am making it out of pla. In forethought I should be using abs but I ordered pla...
  4. If the plane Flys I will release the model to the community.
  5. I need the infil to be structurally sound as the is part 1 of 9 of a plane I have designed.
  6. I went through the model in blender and saw that the walls for the cavity were duplicated. Thanks for the info guys. So pretty much all I can do is slow the infil speed down?
  7. Thanks for your response. Another question I have is why did it print the square cavity in the first print but not the second one. I am currently in cura trying to get it to see the cavity but it refuses. Any suggestions?
  8. I have tried the triangle pattern and the quarter cubic pattern. Retraction is technically on but I don't see it retracting. I don't understand this as I always have retraction on and its always been very obvious when the filament retracts. Would Retraction Extra Prime Mount help with this? If so why is it highlighted orange when I give it a value? I am open to suggestions on what to do. I am using a CR-10
  9. Ok I'll try it, do I need to know g code to modify this stuff?
  10. Are you using pla or abs. If pla then that temp is probably to hot. Also try lowering the speed a bit. Try 200° and 60mm/s.
  11. A few things to check are: Is your bed level? Did you disable your fan for the first layer? Did you use a glue stick or painters tape to help the print adhere? If you did all these things check this out:
  12. I have a wood PLA filament that I heard could change color based on temperature. Is there a way that in Cura 3 that I can variably change the temp throughout the print? Like with a curve or something? If there isn't Ultimaker should seriously consider adding one. I'm using a CR-10 (not sure if that matters).
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