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  1. Hi I am trying to print DNA modelling blocks. However, when I drag the files into Cura, Cura puts them directly on the bed. When I print the model, I find the lower parts (where they touch the bed, not good. That is why I am trying to put them a little heigher in cura, not touching the bed. However, they drop down automatically to the bed. When I click the part, and I change the Z value from 0 to 5, the value changes back to 0 and the model goes back on the floor. I thougt to 'stack' different parts' to resolve the problem (and so only the bottom part wouldn't be tha
  2. Hello Does someone has a gcode for a min-max tower for temperature testing (torture test) (to test what temperature is best, in steps of 5°C)? I googled and found one, but it says it was for the ultimaker 2. I don't know enough if such a file can be used on every 3d printer or not. Kind regards Diederik
  3. Hi This afternoon I did a firmware update to the Ultimaker 3 I am borrowing. Before the update, when auto-levelling, the printer choose 2 points in the front (one left, one right) and one in the back (in the middle). After the update, I notice the printer chooses two ponts on the left (on in the front and one in the back) and one on the right (in the middle). Why ? Is it possible to change this, or to use 4 points ? Kind regards Diederik
  4. Hi, I don't find this option in the menu...
  5. Thank you for your quick response. I will try this !
  6. Hi all I am trying to print this microphone shock mount (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:44425). I have printed it once succesfully, but I found it a little too light to use (specially the 'foot' and I would like to have some more 'infill' to make it denser; more compact and hence stronger. I adjusted in Cura the infill to 40% (instead of 20%), but this doesn't seem to change (because the inside does not look like being filled for 40%). (And I reduced support print speed to 30). Or do I have to change another parameter ? I also noted tha
  7. Is this already a feature in the last firmware ? Kind regards Diederik
  8. Hi 1) Are the users didierk or deiderik connected to my account ? I might have registered before ... I don't remember. If so, those accounts may be deleted. 2) Can you explain this ? Do thinner brims stick better ? Kind regards Diederik
  9. Hi all I am relatively new to 3D printing and I have an Ultimaker 3 that I can use for some weeks. I have already encountered (and solved) a dozen problems, but I noticed that the brim (or first layer(s)) on the back left of the bed are very very very thin, much thinner than on the rest of the bed. I attached a picture to illustrate it. The pictures is far from superb, but you can see the brim having a much lighter color (caution: the back of the bed is on the picture at the left side). It is not so much of a problem till now, the rest of the print is okay.
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