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  1. I think the problem may be the profile that uses the Tweakatz Plugin. I imported it from 14.12. Anyway, I've installed 15.04 and will stay with that. 3.1 seems too buggy, and I hate the new GUI interface. Thanks to all who commented
  2. It is a Plastic Scribbler Asterid 1100, a REPRAP type. What would that have to do with the slicing? It works great with Cura 14.12.
  3. gr5, I have tried already tried a variety of settings, but no luck. Can you suggest a trial set of settings related to fan? I need to clarify: Cura slices fine with the provided profiles (that are not compatible with my printer). I found a similar bug report on Cura 2.4 at https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/1417 In that case, the error identified was not the actual error. I tried the "fix" to that bug, which was to export and then import the profile, but that didn't help in my case. I might also mention that these models all work fine with 14.12 ( my Cura v
  4. When I load any STL model, I get the error message shown below: "Unable to Slice with the current settings. The following settings have errors: Regular/Maximum Fan Speed Threshold". This occurs with the "recommended" settings as well as my custom settings. Cura-3.1.0.AppImage OpenSUSE Leap 42.2
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