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  1. @Garufa, @nvcheeko, @Benleo888 Sorry for that I repeat my question, but do all of you use 1.75mm filament? Where can I find Hotends for 2.85mm or is there a description to modify the hotends? Thanks for your help
  2. I 3d printed a Rain Collector/ Regensammler to collect the water into a barell in my garden Download here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/rain-collector
  3. here is the assembly video of my 3d printed JET BOAT
  4. on of my last projects was a RC Jet Boat with a length of the about 300mm. Videos are available on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/jtronicsTV You will find the STL files here https://cults3d.com/en/users/jtronics
  5. Hi, after many hours and prototypes my RC Mini Jet Boat is ready and online. You could find the files as download on https://cults3d.com/en/users/jtronics Follow us on Cults3d and on Youtube to get notice of our New Uploads!
  6. Yes it is possible. You couls do it on UMO, UMO+, UM2. I upgraded my UMO+ to UM2 DUAL+ http://www.jtronics.de/werkstatt/3d-drucker-ultimaker-umo-upgrade/ Next time I will upgrade it to DXU. The printing results are the same like with my Ultimaker 3.
  7. Hi, you could buy a "Ultimaker 3 printcore AA 0.4" for disassembling. Than you could use the 2.85mm parts an the Olson lock (https://www.igo3d.com/Ultimaker-Core-AA-fuer-UM3)
  8. Hello, here is one of my last projects. It`s a mini shredder, made of PLA. We tested the shredder with gummy bears, paper and popcorn. 😉
  9. Could you post a short tutorial, how to genderate Gcode with cura for this solution.
  10. Hello, that's a nice solution (like UMO3). Has anyone else tried that? Is it possible to generate the needed G-Code with Cura 3.X? Are there any scripts or something else? Maybe, it's also a solution for UMO+.
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