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  1. Same observation on linux running under MacBook Pro Retina (mid 2015), loaded a little faster with Cura 3.2 but I believed this can be made even better at this time of computing technology. Solid view is instant response on viewing at different angles but layer view is very slow even on models at 3 cubic cm size as if it is hooked unto some slow rebuilding routine on every move you make just to view from a different angle. What I love about Cura is it is spot on at producing prints, I always get the expected size of prints. Cura 3.1 loads around 33 seconds on linux while Cura 3.2 a
  2. On macOS, the zoom-in tend to go more on the right side and down like diagonally inclined and it is hard to zoom-in on the center of the model. As a new cura user - I thought this is how it behaves (which is so odd but I have to accept it), so I search for tutorials and youtube videos only to find they are able to show how zoom function should behave naturally like everyone should expect. On the linux version however, the zoom and other navigation functions behaves naturally. I would say on the macOS version this is a serious bug in terms of navigation. The macOS version of cura 3.1 however is
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