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  1. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Foehnsturm, Tinkergnome and everyone else involved in the development of the Mark-2. This is a fantastic modification, managing to do 2 colour prints on a UM2 when Ultimaker had already given up on the idea! I've now got my 2nd head working and after some painfully frustrating setup (my fault no-one elses!) I've managed to print a few sample pieces. I think I need to dial in my 2nd extruder (orange material in following photos) as I seem to be suffering a lot of ooze. Printing with an ooze shield definitely helps, but I need to
  2. Hi there I have a UM2 Aluminium clone as well and have started modifying the dock to place it in the correct position. I managed to work out the location as described by using the method described by Ultiarjan above. Note: I have not printed or fitted these parts as I am waiting for materials to arrive for my upgrade. I've designed a mount which attaches into the front right corner of the frame with 3x M3 cap head screws and captive nuts in the aluminium rails I've also modified the dock so that it attaches using 2x M3 countersunk
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