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  1. Just been looking at it myself, sounds fantastic. I printed my parts in Biofila PLAtec but the finish wasn't as nice as I'd have hoped.
  2. I love the finish you've got, very smart. What filament have you used?
  3. Oh good, I definitely thought they were a no-go
  4. There's no oozing and prime tower. I suspect the temperature is the problem, I just set it off and watched the first portion of the print, the white starts trying to print <200 degrees after pausing. I've upped the temperature, restarted the print and will see if it improves. Thanks for your reply. Would you recommend a prime tower?
  5. So I got the problems with my PSU sorted and I've printed a couple of traffic cones. The prints have a very rough finish to them and some of the early prints had bleeding between layers. I have noticed in Cura that the default temperatures are set to 200 so suspect this may be the cause of the problem; i'll bump them up to 210 which is what my printer normally runs at and try again. Has anyone had a similar experience and can offer their tips?
  6. Hello All! Long time reader, first time poster. I've just finished installing my Mark2 upgrade, it's looking incredible, thank you to all the developers for their hard work. I'll post some pictures of finished prints but seem to be having a few problems with my power supply. I've got the correct supply however when heating the bed and the nozzles, as soon as the bed is of the right temperature, the machine cuts out and restarts. I thought this may have something to do with the bed heater using too much power so knocked it down from 60 to 30 degrees but I still encountered t
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