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  1. Hi, I tried printing with the model as mentioned, but no luck yet with the PETG. Stringing and material accumulation at the nozzle still persists. We have tried a variety of combination with respect to hothead temperature, fan speed, retraction distance, retraction speed, bed temp, printing speed etc. Is there another way/settings I could use this PETG for better output results? Thank you.
  2. Hi, We are using the Ultimaker 2 extended with 3DX tech PETG 3mm Black filament and nozzle of size 0.4mm, the first layer of the print is good, but once it starts printing the second and the third layer, the print layers gets completely ruined with the black PETG filament forming strings and material start to accumulate around the nozzle which keeps on dragging as the print continues. We would like to know how can we tackle the situation of material accumulation and stringing? Your expertise is highly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I upgraded the firmware with Cura but the Ultimkaer 2 EX had other hardware problems too, we rectified it and the Z axis was working when we removed the small jumper from the board. Thank you @gr5 for the information regarding the jumper and we are now able to print.
  4. I updated the firmware using Cura and did a factory reset too. The issue is still there its stopping at a height of like 100mm before reaching the home position.
  5. Hi gr5, So I tried the factory reset and also saw my board it has the constraints for Z axis as 205mm that's the Z distance for UM2 because we burned the earlier board and got this new one so we need another odd 95-100mm for UM2E to get rid of the error I suppose. Is there anyway that we can change the default setting for homing constraints to 305mm instead of 205mm for Z axis.
  6. Thank you so much for the information, I will try that and give an update too.
  7. Hi, We have an Ultimaker 2 Extended 2016. We are trying to go through the calibration wizard of the ultimaker, it recognizes the home while starting and raising the plate, but after calibrating with of 1mm card and the paper is done, retracting the build plate does not move down the plate completely and stops at a predetermined distance before it reaches home position, the error pops up saying 'Z switch broken' and go to ultimaker.com/ER05. We have tried all the troubleshooting methods on Ultimaker's website, but this issue is persistent and we cannot go ahead of calibration step, the wiri
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