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  1. I have the DDG feeders in my UM3. The install was easy and I couldn’t be happier with their performance. You do have to change some settings via ssh but that’s not hard either.
  2. Did you get your head cleaned out? I ordered another head to replace this one. GR5 inspired and motivated me to clean mine out too. I destroyed the hardcore since the plastic on the hardcore melted quicker than the NylonX. The process was tedious with a heat gun from harbor freight. I ran into trouble when I didn’t realize I turned the gun on high instead of low. This resulted in desoldering the pins on the chip of the hardcore and melted the plastic on the lower bearing housing. I was worried I cooked the PCB on the head too. Since my new head won’t arrive until Monday I put this one back together to see if it would work. It seems to work fine but the melted housing made the bb core install tight. All functions have checked out and I’m going to order the replacement which is less than $5. It may seem really bad when it first happens but you can recover and if you don’t hit the wrong button your heat gun the head will be fine and your cores might be ok too. Good luck and thank you to everyone especially GR5.
  3. Did this head flood happen on an S5? My head flood pushed the core over and caused it to short so I couldn’t heat it at all. Look on material or core menu to set the temp.
  4. I emailed fbrc8 and I’m waiting for a response. They do have a whole head with cable on their store listed for $408. The left core is the only one shorted. I may give it another try to remove all the NylonX but I just don’t have that much time right now.
  5. Ok so I’m going to get a new head. Anyone know if the s5 head will work on the UM3?
  6. The printer powered on after removing the head cable. Well I’m not sure what to do now. I was using only one core at the time but the second one is stuck in there too.
  7. So after a mega failed print and a jammed core my printer will no longer turn on. I found it with the display off and i could hear a ticking but I didn’t know where it was coming from. When i turned the power off and back on the tick went away but the printer would not come back on. I’m going to check the plug and power supply first but does anyone have an idea on what i should do?
  8. The print did come off the bed so I’m hoping it wasn’t a leak from the nozzle. I installed the nozzle with the included torque wrench. I think its 1nm ish. I had just received the core and it didn’t have a nozzle on it. I didn’t think i needed to heat it since I wasn’t taking off another nozzle. Ill report back once i get out of this mess.
  9. Ill start another for the power. Do you think a heat gun will work for the NylonX to remove it?
  10. I just had mine jam too using NylonX. The problem for me is that the Ultimaker 3 wont power on. It was strange i found the print hanging from the head, the back bed screw had come off, and the machine was just making a clicking sound. I had used fresh glue and the print was about 1/4 of the way done.
  11. I think this problem was the cable on my print head needing to be reseated. I recently ran into an error that would not clear and I was advised to remove and plug the cable back into the head. My prints are now better than ever.
  12. Latest stable version for the UM3 and 3.2
  13. The parts were not loose at all. I use glue and haven’t had any adhesion issues like I said the z axis never moved down and the head was running over everything and knocking the nozzles up. I’ve been using Ultimaker black PLA and breakaway. I’m thinking it’s electrical gremlins since restarts fix the issues.
  14. Interesting. I have a bunch of major electrical stuff nearby. Solar power inverter converting 7.2 kw an hour of sunlight on a good day, and two electric car charging stations. One is 50amps and another is 100 amps. I think the Ultimaker 3 is plugged into a gfci outlet too. Ok I’ll move it and report back if it happens again. I’m on the latest non beta firmware. I checked to see if that would help.
  15. I was wondering if anyone has issues after multiple prints without a reboot or shutdown? I’ve been findining that some prints have been failing but a restart will fix it. There have been some times where active leveling acts up and some where I just come back to a rats nest. Here is a picture of one today. The first layer looked fine and It was still on the build plate without moving. It looked as though the z never moved down after a few layers. Shutting down and restarting has been my workaraound.
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