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  1. Hi I have always been a big fan of hair spray on glass. It seems to be easier to get a thin / uniform layer onto the glass. Cleanup is done with a soak / rinse in hot water. I clean and re-coat the glass when things start to lift off. That might be a couple dozen prints using PLA. Bob
  2. Hi I suspect that the gotcha is the magic many digits long "random" ID number. There is a thread somewhere here on just how to generate it correctly. Bob
  3. Hi I've run a lot of prints longer than 8 hours and never seen that error on my S5 / material station. Bob
  4. Hi I think I would push back a little on the "20% cost of a new printer" price for the screen. It may be that somebody is ordering in the entire electronic "guts" of the printer and tossing in a charge for 8 hours of labor. The printer isn't that old, you might do the old "how about the warranty" rock and roll 🙂 As long as the discussions stay polite and non-confrontational, there is no real downside to asking. Bob
  5. Hi One thing that has not been mentioned: Is the spool free to feed? In other words, is there a cross over on the spool that has it locking up? I'm in no way saying that is the issue, only that it's something to check. Bob
  6. Hi On *any* of these gizmos, buying one in the first six to nine months makes you an "early adopter". The bundle setup has only been shipping in reasonable quantities for a month or two at this point. 3D printers are in no way unique in this respect. You can spend a couple hundred thousand dollars on this or that device and find the same sort of thing. What matters is that they *do* address the issues and do so in something less than a couple years. ( hopefully closer to a month or two). If they come out with a fix of some sort fairly promptly, that's about as good as it gets. ( sitting here with the factory guy debugging a roughly 9 month old piece of gear that costs a bit more than the bundle did ) Bob
  7. Hi I'm running mostly tough PLA here. Best guess is 70% tough PLA and 30% PLA. Bob
  8. Hi I've been running the same sort of print schedule for at least a month now. I have never seen the issue. For whatever reason, the scrap all piles up at the side / front of the machine and stays there. It's not clear to me that I'm doing anything special other than cleaning out all the prime strings on a regular basis. Bob
  9. Hi So far I have never seen that happen on my machine. Bob
  10. Hi Hair spray on glass has worked for a *long* time on the UM3. The same thing seems to be doing fine on the S5. That's with PLA and with tough PLA (also with non-UM tough PLA versions) Bob
  11. Hi Sounds like a defective screen. (as in a manufacturing defect at the supplier of the screens). Bob
  12. Hi Sounds like it should work !!! Most of us got the S5 before the rest of the bundle. ( back orders ....). The way I *know* it works is to do it with the S5 by its self. If the manual says you can update after, then that most certainly should work as well. Bob
  13. HI 1) You should have two plates - contact your dealer and have them take care of it. 2) Best bet is to simply fire up the S5 (don't worry about spools etc), exit out of the intro print screens and update the firmware. Then put everything together. An alternative would be to set it all up, but don't cable the Air Manager and Material station in. Fire up the S5 and do the same exit setup / update firmware. Bob
  14. Hi If we are talking about a "several seconds" sort of stall ...... a power outage that long will reboot the computer(s) in the S5. It will be *very* noticeable. Indeed, a UPS is a very good idea when printing. The biggest trick is to make sure the unit you have will handle the power involved (the bundle system is rated at 500W (??) ). Loosing a print 5 days into the run because the lights blink is *not* any fun. Since the S5 and Material Station have independent power supplies. There is the weird case where one drops out and the other does not. Without a lot of tearing things down there is no way to know which one would die first. One would *hope* that the Material Station goes second or that the S5 is smart enough to catch the problem .... Bob
  15. Hi If the problem was caused by a gcode error, you would (at the very least) see it on all S5 machines. You likely would see it on all machines when driven by Cura. As noted above, it does not appear to be a gcode error. Bob
  16. Hi Off topic and maybe of no value .... Back when I first got the UM3's, I also got a "deal" on a large box of UM brand filament off of eBay. At the time I did not know enough about UM spool labeling to realize just how old > 10 years ??) the stuff likely was .... That filament created no end of snapping / grinding / lock up issues on the printers. Once it *finally* was all used up, the performance of the machines improved a lot. When I first set up the Material Station, I went around looking for the oldest spools of "opened and sitting around" filament I could find. They all ran quite well in the system. I was *not* brave enough to run the last two "short end" spools of the terrible stuff. Maybe I'll try eventually .... So to get sort of back on topic a little: Changing filament *batches* may be a good idea when you are trying to figure out a problem. Bob
  17. Hi Ok, now if I just wasn't so darn LAZY ... 🙂 Bob
  18. Hi Given my experience with my CR-10 I'd say you have been lucky ..... Bob
  19. Hi An off topic suggestion: I've done this with a number of printers over the years. Work up to the max speed in steps. Print a couple of throw away parts at each speed. Watch the layer times and hang on to the parts produced. At some point the layer times on practical parts don't change much at all. Also at some point the defects in the objects become bothersome. Just where that happens is very much "that depends". Since this involves varying speed, acceleration, and a few other things, it can get tiresome. The settings interact so simply varying one at a time does not get you to the best / fastest operation. For that reason I usually start with something simple and small-ish. I then go on to bigger and more complex test objects. Bob
  20. Hi One (somewhat longer term) solution would be to put in a feature request on Github and wait for it to be implemented. The alternative (as mentioned above) is to go in and modify the raw source code and then install from that modified source code. If indeed your modified build plate is for general use, I think you would be wise to go with the feature request approach. Much easier to distribute an add on rather than a fully modified version of Cura. Bob
  21. Hi I'm not 100% sure that you *have* to use support "in country". That may well be the case, or it might not be for email contacts. In my country, it is a "9 to 5" Monday to Friday sort of thing on the books. Indeed I have occasionally received support from them outside those hours. You *might* try an email to them even though they are closed .... Bob
  22. Hi Email is a pretty good way to interact with support. They often can recommend a quick way to get to this or that fix. Bob
  23. Hi There's no way to be *sure* what the issue is without somebody from support guiding you along. Best to put in a ticket and let them help you. You have 12 months of warranty on the device. You very much do *not* want to put that at risk !!! I'd bet at least half a bottle of beer that the little cable from the main PCB to the NFC reader on that slot came loose .... If so (with proper guidance) it's an easy fix. Bob
  24. Hi Just to close this out in this thread ( = the info is in another thread as well): I put in a ticket, support did get back to me. I did pop the Material Station open under their guidance. It's easy to do (if you know what to do ....). The problem took less than 10 minutes to correct. Root cause was a PC board that needed to be re-seated in place. So: no need to box things up and send them back. No crazy restriction on doing this or that. Bob
  25. Hi From running printers both at home and at work for a lot of years: They *do* require a "minder". None of them are to the point they just do stuff without anybody ever poking at them. Indeed CNC machines (and a lot of other stuff) are similar in this respect. In a home setting there is an obvious candidate for the "minder". In a business setting things are not quite as clear. The thing you don't want is a variety of people all trying to do this or that to the machine over the course of a week ... it creates issues. Bob
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