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  1. This is not answer to my question, but it's workaround, which can help to somebody. There are 2 lines at beginning of the generated GCODE, which have "intro_line" remark attached. In case these lines are replaced with this code: M83 ; relative extrusion mode G1 Z0.250 F7200.000 G1 X50.0 E80.0 F1000.0 G1 X160.0 E20.0 F1000.0 G1 Z0.200 F7200.000 G1 X220.0 E13 F1000.0 G1 X240.0 E0 F1000.0 G1 E-4 F1000.0 M82 ; absolute extrusion mode it works fine.
  2. gr5 - thanks a lot for your quick response - I tried it before - I even did it under Preferences -> Settings as I expected it probable somewhere outside Material - yep, I found couple of other "temperatures", but non of them was set to 210, when I made them visible - see the attached screenshot.
  3. I use Prusa MK2 MultiMaterial printer. Longer filament extrusion is required in comparison with standard Prusa Mk2 on the beginning of the printing as filament goes slightly longer way and previous color needs to be cleaned. When I use Slic3r Prusa Edition, it makes intro line ( I hope it's correct word - see the attached photo for what I mean ) very long and very huge. Cura generates it short and tine ( it's on the picture ). Is there a way, how to setup the intro line in Cura?
  4. I need to set correct temperature for my PETG material. At first, I tried to create a custom one with exact settings - 230°C for print temperature. Unfortunately, generated code started with temperature 210°C: ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:88617 ;Filament used: 62.6457m ;Layer height: 0.15 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 3.1.0 M82 ; absolute extrusion mode G21 ; set units to millimeters G90 ; use absolute positioning M82 ; absolute extrusion mode M104 S210 ; set extruder temp M140 S90 ; set bed temp M190 S90 ; wait for bed temp M109 S210 ; wait for extruder temp G28 W ; home all without mes
  5. U just installed Cura 3.1.0. Although the documentation says, that different parts of the printout ( walls, infil etc. ) should be displayed in different colors, I have everything in yellow - see the screenshot. Is there a way, how to change it?
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