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  1. Thanks for the quick replies!! When I fired up Cura this evening, it walked me through the configuration wizard like a brand new install (I have version 15.04.4 now). I modified a few settings per my PrintrBot documentation and then loaded the model file I first had problems with. Everything loaded fine and it is printing as I'm typing. Go figure! I am printing via USB cable (no Wifi capability on this printer) but I will try using the micro SD card at some point. Thanks for the help! I'll keep working with it. Dave
  2. Brand new to Cura and 3D printing so please forgive the basic questions! Opened Cura and loaded a .STL from Thingiverse. File loaded fine but no "Print" icon appeared. Went to File-Print but the printer didn't respond. I also created a simple object on TinkerCad but got the same result in Cura. Other objects I downloaded from Thingiverse printed with no problem. What am I doing wrong? Using a PrintrBot Play printer. Thanks! Dave
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