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  1. Everything is working fine, thank yall for the help. And sorry for taking your time for my mistake but i learned alot as you said. Thank you.
  2. Yeah.. I missed this... Im sorry for taking peoples time to help me when i just missed something, Thanks alot to you and @gr5 for trying to help. I was severely confused as to why it would work how i had it set up, i was thinking there is no way this is how it is supposed to be. I dont know why i didnt go back and look at the manual.. Im gonna fix this and get back in here to confirm if it is completely fixed.
  3. Im looking through the assembly manual and i think i see my problem.. And now i feel stupid, bc i was super confused on why it would work in this way..
  4. I dont believe there is any real kind of tensioner in those blocks, the top of the clamping part touches the belt and the key part pushes it downwards to clamp the shaft coming from the print head? There is no spring or anything, there isnt anything pushing it outwards to the belt besides the weight of the print head, and then that is being stopped by the key piece. Am i missing something here for these parts?
  5. No if i remove the tape, it doesnt move in any direction basically. I know its not a long-term fix, im just trying to get it to work so I can try and print some of those tensioners. I will remove it once i have something else to tension the belts but the tape conforms to the teeth on the belt and pully and i have nothing else. Im getting some clothespins tomorrow and im going to use the spring out of them like someone above recommended, but if i can get it to print those ones i won't have to go get the pins.
  6. Every pully is tight. About the gantry though, its not like i can grab the head and move it in a circle easily. I don't see how i would be able to since im moving it from one spot causing torque on the shaft in whatever direction I'm moving, the motors bring it around by both edges of the shaft so it should do it easier. There isnt much friction when i go left right, forward back, But there is a little when i get close to the walls bc of the belt having tension. Ive been using the controller to move it by 2mm (it says 1mm in the controller but it goes up by 2 units, and when i put
  7. I am going to go around and make sure all the set screws are as tight as i can make them and see if that helps.
  8. Ive got all the belts tight, to about 160hz on all four. When i said i had no tensioners i meant that for the person above who claimed that some came with the kit. But i tightened down all the set screws on all the pullies, specifically the ones you were saying to. But the objects still come out leaning forward and slightly leftward. I also did both of your recommendations, of leveling the bed closer and tightening the Feeder spring. Is there anything else that could be causing this? None of the belts are slipping, before i aborted the print i watched all 6 belts and none seem to
  9. Oh also no tensioners seem to have come with my kit I got 2 bags of screws that were never asked for and weren't in the manuals parts list but that's about it.
  10. I can get tensions on the belt by wrapping a very small amount of tape onto the toothed part of the pulley, the tape conforms to the shape aswell so as long as i dont put to much it still works. I will try and get some cloths pins and see if that works well bc im sure the tape isnt a permanent fix. As for the leaning if that isnt to do with the tension of the long belts then thats good, bc i should be able to print correctly. I just went into blender and exported the starting cube to test the printer after i assembled it and that is what is coming out. I
  11. Hello, I assembled an ultimaker original plus I ordered a week or so ago, and some of the belts labeled "B300MXL" are rather loose(the long belts). They allow the wooden blocks to slip on the X-axis completely. The printer head does not move left or right almost at all. The Y-axis seems fine, very small slipping if it is at all, when i go into the controls and move it by 1mm all the way back it still has about 2mm of movement back after it hits the switch. I dont assume this is how it is supposed to be right after assembly, by that i mean something is wrong with the parts. Is it possibl
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