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  1. Thanks for your help. I think you are correct Erin. I checked the part before leaving for the day, 1 hour into the print, and it looked great. In there morning there was no trace of the part. The build plate was completely clean.
  2. Hi, I'm an high school engineering teacher. I printed a large part overnight. When I got to school this morning the printer cores were jammed up against the build plate. The PLA had backed up and filled the printer head. I've read on other forums that I can remove the backed up PLA by heating the printer cores. However, the Ultimaker 3 Extended is displaying a "Max temp error on print core 1". Thus I can't access the menu to heat the print cores. Due to the large amount of plastic, I cannot preform maitenance on the printer cores to address the error message. What is the best way t
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