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  1. Can you show me aa photo or explain how you did this please? As I noe need to make this alteration
  2. Hi gr5, Thanks for getting back to me. It had the green board, however it blew up! Well a resistor did when we first turned it on, so we retired it as per the instructions on the downloaded manual. It now has a generic board from AliExpress, which is labelled Ulimaker,com which the same connections as the green board and a new Arduino and stepper drivers, carefully placed in the correct direction. The print head does have the tiny circuit board on top, yes. The HBK does work and heats, it’s current temperature reading is 40c, although I am currently setting it at “PT100 as per Ultimaker V.2” from memory! (Sorry if I mislead you on this) The head heats, but upon heating the temperature readings go backwards on the LCD and when it hits the minimum temperature I get the MIN TEMP ERROR and it stops heating. At this point though, the heat of the head is significant. Yes, I’ve used the Bultmaker.bulles.eu firmware builder, but also built a custom Marlin/Arduino firmware as well to try and solve the issues. I’ll add the photo in a bit, although I haven’t added any extra resistors, so I dont think there’ll be any extra AD595’s on the board. Hope this helps as a start? Thanks again
  3. I own the Ultimaker Original HBK, however, I am facing a couple of difficulties with it, which I am hoping perhaps someone could help with? The first is that the thermoster readings are way off on both the Heatbed and the Extruder heat. Even at rest the best I can get is 40 degrees for the HB and 59 degrees for the extruder. For both of the readings; I have tried the Ultimaker Firmware builder and a Marlin build with a new board and Arduino Mega 2560 and all combinations of the thermostats and thermoster, and unfortunately the 59 degree reading on the hotend came through setting the “10K (not recommended for hotend) thermoster!” In addition to that problem, comes the second one. The HB is heating up nicely! So is the Hotend, however, at the business end of the LCD (I am now using a new Smart controller as I initially thought there might have been an issue with the LCD) the temperature goes backwards:- 59, 57, 53, 49, 33 etc, you get the picture, until it alarms out at a MIN TEMP ERROR! I’ve looked at reversing the wires, however this hasn’t helped. I at a loss, please can you help? Kindly asking for some kind of advice
  4. Thanks tinkergnome appreciate it
  5. However a PT100B might do the job?
  6. Hi gr5 Thats really awesome help, thank you. Where do you sell your goods from?
  7. Hi again GR5. The reason I need to replace the motherboard is that the old one is fried. I cant seem to be able to locate an original, only generic at the moment and have seen a UM2 at a reasonable price. To answer your question, the PCB has the spare extruder driver. Which fan is removed?
  8. Hi GR5; I believe its the standard one; although is there a way to definitely check?
  9. Hi, Just got a UMO with a heated bed mod in it. I’m a complete newbie so please be gentle with your replies, however, I wanted to know whether it is possible to put a UM2 Motherboard into the UMO and if so what other adjustments I would need to make? Any advice however basic or complex welcome. Many thanks in advance.
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