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  1. Should've named it "safety jumpers", instead of access control... That's more to the point. Is there a way to rename?
  2. Hi Mnis, You're right if the machine is actually moving. But if it's not doing anything I don't see a reason why it needs a restart. Now there are two safety jumpers (at least on my ultimaker 3, but I think the pcb hasn't change much over the 2 version). There's no need for 2 of those (if you need more emergency stops you could put them in serie). So if one would be a hard stop, the other could be a soft one (an actual pause pin). That would make it easy to add an end of filament warning system for example. Regards, David
  3. Hi I'm building something to control the access to the printer so I replaced the safety jumpers with a switch. No if you break the connection i get a nice warning: But if you restore the connection the warning doesn't go away... I have to restart... :-S I always thought it was a kind of a optional emergency button, but if you unrelease the button you should be able to just continue, no? And it would also be nice to still have access to the display api, now it returns a 405 saying the printer is busy. It would be nice to overrule that message
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