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  1. The CAD data is not designed with holes. But let's assume that 1mm holes are ok for me. What's next? How to programme it on CURA? Only decreasing the infill? Changing the shell thicknesses? Got so confused to combine all of these...
  2. Thank you for your answers guys but I still don't feel like satisfied. Let's try again. Here what I want as sorted: * It needs to be porous so that air can flow through the structure. * The surface needs to be rough because of that sticking issues, and also smooth because of the quality of the part that I would like to obtain from the structure im gonna print. * Whole structure needs to be as strong as possible because of the tough working conditions. Im gonna try spaghetti infill by the way. Hope this clarifies everything.
  3. Hey IRobertl, You can assume that it is something like 200 x 200 x 50 which is quite suitable on the UM2+'s build plate.
  4. Hey everyone, I am an Ultimaker 2+ user for about 8 months and I have had many successfull prints which are challenging for me. Nowadays I need to have a porous and smooth surface (as shown in the picture) and also I want the structure to be as strong as possible. Hope I can get this using PC or ABS as material, PLA is the last choice (I also think that Colorfabb xt-CF20 carbon fiber would fit requirements, I haven't tried but I will). I had an extended research on it and see that it can be achieved using extreme printers like costing hundreds of thousands of euros (Which I don't find right to share here any trademarks etc.). I really wonder if it is possible to create a surface like this on Ultimaker printers. Is there anyone tried something like this before?
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