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  1. Yes. The LEDs start to flash and the whole machine shuts down after heating up the build plate. Printing without the heat plate works just fine.
  2. Hey, No, I've not tried other cables or Programms yet. The car is about 70 cm long.
  3. During my troubleshooting with my restarting printer i've tried to update the firmware via CURA. While Upgrading the Firmware with "Automatically upgrade Firmware", it tells me that a communication error occured, following by the printer to quickly restart (LEDS on and off again). Can this have something to do with the faulty PSU?
  4. Hey! Thanks for the answer. I have tought about a PSU Failure aswell at first, and thanks to your answer im sure about that now. I actually own a GS220A24 power brick already, would it still be recommended to switch over to the GST?
  5. Evening, I've lately experiences something weird: The Printer was working perfectly fine until today. Since than, whenever the heatplate heats up, the whole machine shuts down and restarts alltogether. Printing without the heatplate heating up works totally and perfectly fine. What could be done to fix the issue?
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