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  1. How about ditching the perspective view and switching to an axonometric projection, or at least allowing the users to select one or the other? Engineering CAD is rarely, if ever, done in a perspective view, and such a view is not really appropriate for many situations in a slicer application. The distortion that occurs in the viewport because of the perspective is a hindrance to accurate positioning and nesting of parts on the build plate. Additionally, allow the 6 (not just 4) primary side views to be viewed without any perspective. Sometimes it's helpful to see the back and bo
  2. It is possible to get Cura to load faster by stripping out the files in the Cura "resources" folder that are irrelevant to your printer or the materials you print. There is a video on YouTube that explains what to do. I found this substantially improved the loading speed on my computer. Be aware that this is not likely supported by Ultimaker and when you update to the next version you may need to do this again. If you're using a Windows computer, the "resources" folders is located in the "Ultimaker Cura" folder with the "Cura.exe" executable. See attached
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