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  1. Hi Can anyone help please, My UM3 will not get past the start up screen when I turn it on, I have tried waiting turning it of with USB in and out unplugging the power from back.. The last thing I did was try and print ASA an ABS setting with higher temp settings on build plate with adhesion sheet stuck on glass, it times out saying it took to long to heat build plate. After re starting all I get is Ultimaker on the display. The fans briefly start up but cut out quickly (I forget if its normal or not) Thanks John.
  2. hm, using the default profiles seems to work (Extra Fine - 0.06mm, Fine - 0.1mm ..) when I use my custom setting some work some dont. So if two colors dont show in Layer view will it only print in one color? In solid view both colors show up. One way to find out is a test print ?. Thanks for your help guys, ill post my result..
  3. Hi @SandervG Thanks for the quick answer , I have downloaded the Ultimaker drill to see if its different but still no two colors in Layer view. Solid view yes. John.
  4. Hi Im about to print a multi color print, I have followed the instructions provided on Ultimaker web page, all good so far. I just have a quick question before I press print on a 20 hour print. In Solid view I can see the two different colors but when I go to Layer view the print is only one color (Extruder 1). Is this correct im thinking it will print with two colors and Layer view is only to check the prints for overhangs and support..? Thanks John.
  5. Thanks for your help, it seems to be working now. The PLA and PVA that came with the printer needs the tension changed from the middle to one notch up (one down from your pic).
  6. Hi I have a brand new UM3 and after printing a couple of prints print head 1 stopped extruding pla silver that came with in the box. After reading all the trouble shooting tips I did some maintenance thinking the nozzle was blocked. It turned out the feeder was grinding the filament and both feeders (second is pva support structure). Now the solution looks to be adjusting the feeder tension, but I cannot find any documentation on how to do this. Are there any pictures or better videos on how to do this? Thanks JohnG
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