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  1. TMicke

    Tolerance settings

    I’m trying to get to grips with cura, and when I read something like this it makes me wonder. May I ask why you think “such an old” version would be the candidate?
  2. TMicke

    CPE vs Tough PLA

    HAHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂 Sorry about that. I guess we suffer the same fate then, where I live we have had maybe 10mm rain since mid May and the warmest year in 260 years (or so the papers say).
  3. TMicke

    CPE vs Tough PLA

    He hom seeks shall find, maybe something for me to consider 🙂 I thought everybody in Australia had air conditioner 😉 It's to high humidity here in Sweden this time of the year as well. Good luck with your printing! And congratulations to your UM3, wish I had one too.
  4. TMicke

    CPE vs Tough PLA

    But as a guideline, if you have a humidity of, say 40%, how long until you need to dry it?
  5. TMicke

    CPE vs Tough PLA

    This is the part that has made me a bit vary, is it still true that if you leave a role up in a day that you then need to dry it in an oven?
  6. A few years ago I had an app on my android phone, think it was called 123D Catch, and I think Autodesk made it. I only ever made one scan with it, but it was an success in my eyes. Nowadays I'm using an iPhone and thought there would be loads of apps for 3D scanning but all I get is confused when searching app store. Could someone here please share their experiences with 3D scanning software for IOS, good or bad.
  7. TMicke

    CPE vs Tough PLA

    I’m having the same quest, trying to find a filament that can stand weather and time. My best bet so far is colorFabb’s HT. It will be fine up to a 100 degrees or so. I guess the quality of the surface of the print isn’t as good as PLA but so far it’s good enough for me. I have sanded a few models and the model didn’t get soft or “sticky” while sanding to quick like PLA, I liked it a lot. But be ware that you probably need to print it at an higher temp than the original FW let’s you use and that the PTFE coupler doesn’t like higher temps. Don’t know if you count this as extreme but I think it’s the price you have to pay. The solution for me was tinkergnome FW and a PTFE coupler from 3D Solex that won’t mind beeing used at temperatures up to 295 degrees. I’ve had a few models made from PLA outside in the sun for a couple of months this summer, and we have had more than 30 degrees for many of those days, I haven’t measured the temp in the sun but none of my models got soft. It takes a little more than 50 degrees to start making PLA soft. I guess the real killer is UV radiation. There are some sprays that states it blocks UV, haven’t tried though.
  8. Haha, that makes me wonder whats inside my head, maybe best not knowing.. Great work, as allways!
  9. Yesterday i flashed my printer with tinker, and now at the end of the prints, the fans turns on 100% but the temp stops and stays at approximately 76 degrees. Just want to let you know if someone else where interested in the same feature.
  10. TMicke

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    Omg! Can’t test right now, but I think you solved an headache for me.
  11. This is the tip I got when asking about the PTFE Coupler; http://3dsolex.com/product/tf2k/ I expect it to arrive today, meaning that I have not tried it yet. I am not sure though about the fw change to allow the higher temperature, I’m guessing it is tinkergnomes fw that is preferred?
  12. Well, I've had it with this one. 3 Rolls down the drain 😞 Tried all sorts of temperatures, fan speeds, multiplier settings, layer heights, infills. Just can't get it to work. All my previous printings with PLA (going back for years) are a lot less brittle then the ones I get from this... Sigh... colorFabbs HT works well for me so I guess I'll stick to that when I need something a bit more resilient. Was looking forward to the lower printing temps on the nGen though. Enough with the wining already!! -Just wanted to let you all know.
  13. TMicke

    Da Clumsy Noob Goes Batty

    Can’t wait! 🦕
  14. TMicke

    Da Clumsy Noob Goes Batty

    Kman, you are insane! I enjoyd reading this in so many levels and you deserve all the credit you can get. Keep up that great work!
  15. I'm playing with the idea of printing some kind of gargoyle with bronzefill and put on poles along the road to my house, but how would they hold up if left outside all year around?

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