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  1. May I suggest a rename of Merge models to Auto align or maybe original alignment. Nevertheless I'm very happy that it was possible :)
  2. See my picture, trying to make a dual color print. Is there a way to auto position the pieces like they where in the CAD program? It's PITA to manually put them in place. *edit, I'm using CURA 4.3.0
  3. Newbie tutorial (written with myself in mind): On your calculator type in the following: 0.6 / 1.45 And now press button marked in image below
  4. See, thats the problem, can't even recalling ever heard 'tredje roten ur' 😄 Men alltid kul att läsa lite svenska... I guess I'm out of my league here, but is that (sqrt3 (0,6/1,45)) the actual formula. I'm mostly thinking of of that 'sqrt3' thingie. Or is this solvable with just multiplying and/or dividing? *I guess I don't make a lot of sense due to my ignorance. I looked at my calculator and found that sqrt3 function and managed to get the result you gave me so hopefully I can remember this. Thank you Anders!
  5. I guess I wasn’t clear enough. -If I have a model of a cup that holds 1.45L and I wish to resize it in Cura so that it prints a cup holding 0.6L ; how do I make that calculation? (By hand of course)
  6. I have a model of a 1.45 liter cup, how do i calculate it to be a 0.6 liter cup? lets just say that it wasn’t just my history teacher that cried 😂
  7. Fantastic work, top notch. Personally I can't see how this could be improved any further. You are the King! I read some about your fine motor issues, I wish you the best recovery possible and are looking forward to see more of your work!
  8. That would be my guess as well, unfortunately I’m not the one to help you with that. /Micke
  9. I think you’re on to something, if your SD crashes explorer it seems likely it would cause problems with the printer. I wish you the best of luck
  10. and... Welcome! Happy to hear about your new printer, not that you’re having problems of course.
  11. Have you tried to run the same gcode again, and just restart the printer?
  12. When the UM2+ retracts, there is a sound (a double beep), change speed of retractions and the pitch changes. What makes that sound, and can it be stopped or at least reduced? *edit Bondtech’s ultimaker 2 kit contains a vibration isolation between motor and chassis and the gearbox itself has vibration isolation foam. https://www.bondtech.se/en/product/qr-ultimaker-2-kit/ I guess this answers my question. If anyone who has one of these installed can confirm I would appreciate it. Thanks
  13. On and off I've used Tinker FW in my UM2+ for about a year. On and off I've had a strange behavior as my printer sometimes pauses while printing and starts to retract filament with different speeds from time to time. Sometimes it doesn't retract the filament all the way out and then loads filament back in and continues to print. Sometimes it retracts the filament all the way out and thus can't load it back in and then starts to print without filament. Every time this has happened it continues to print, of course sometimes without having any filament. This has happened maybe 10-15 times over a one year period. Yesterday it happened again, with "full" speed it retracted the filament all the way out but I heard it so I was quickly there and put the filament back in and saw to it that it got loaded back. Then I noticed something else, it skipped a layer or two, see picture. This has puzzled me in the past. A few times I've had prints like this, unknowing of the reason. I have blamed the filament or the nozzle thinking it had clogged and loosened upp again after a while, but quite possibly it is this phenomena that is the culprit. I wish I could remember if the bed lowered a bit and if the head moved to a specific position, but i think it just stops where it is at and does its thing. I am currently on Tinker 19.03.1 but have had the same issues with 18.11.1 and 17.10.1 as well. And to be totally honest I cant to 100% rule out that it hasn't happened with original FW too. I really should have paid more attention to this but in the heat of the moment I get really upset thinking all kinds of nasty things. Then the next day it's business as usual and (almost) all is forgotten. I have only read about one other person having had this problem, are we really the only ones? Cus then it sounds more like a hardware error to me. Previously I have wondered if I'm causing this when I shift between using S3D, Cura, USB and SD, but since the last time I installed Tinker FW I have ONLY used Cura and have been printing exclusively from SD cards, I have not had my USB cable inserted into the printer since. After I installed Tinker I made a factory reset on the printer, as I always have. On a few occasions I have started the same print (gcode) again and it has printed correctly. Approximately 20 seconds after this particular print started again it was at a height of 52.20mm (according to info in display). I'm not very keen on trying this print again because I made some error with the model (so I wont be able to use it anyway) and my experience is that it will work when trying a second time. Plus its a 10hr print. Ror.gcode
  14. Thank you! That explains it perfectly to me. /Micke
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