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  1. Hi! gr5 I am sorry for not responding sooner, a lot going on thats keeping me away. My problem was soved, of not being able to uploade an object to Cura. It seems that the format was not the right one. something about .JPG I got to get my head on right, I'v been working with arduino and Robots. Ok! I am now ready to get going on 3D printing. (I have been out of town, but now i'm back.) Doing forum is new to me. between Ulti,maker, Thingivers and Instructables I get lost. It looks like your the leader of the pack, so I'm with you. Just so you know as of now I have done npthing yet with my 3D Printer, other than set it up. I am going to recheck leveling of the hotbed then run the PLA Elelament through hop all goes well, then upload the 3D objectg (the nut for the hot bed) and see what happens. By tnhe way is there a spell checker? Thanks Frank G.
  2. Hi! I need help! Sometimes the small things get in the way. Ijust got a new 3D printer the Anet A8, and it is ready to start printing. But! Ican't seem to export an object to print. I have seen the video's, but it's not working for me. I manage to download an objec such as a Nut for the Hot bed, but when I drag it to the software, I get something different. Also I need to know if it is an .STL or not. I have read several procedures, but it assumed that I know what I am doing. Anyway can someone help me. Thanks Frank G.
  3. Hi! I'm Frank G. I have a question! Trying to print something on my new Anet A8 3D Printer , I'm using cura 14.07 software, and I downloaded something I want to print. When I connected my CD card to my PC so I can upload my data to the CD card, I got a message saying, do I want to format my card. I don't understand, in that if I format the CD card I'll lose my data. could you help me whit this please. Thanks Frank G.
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