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  1. Oh, thanks. After much frustration I finally got it to work but there is a bit of a *glitch to work around. This is what works for me: Click Per Model Settings Print as Support Select Settings Check Drop Down Support Close The default box is unchecked so you would think that there would be no Drop Down Support generated, but you'd be wrong 🙂 *put a check in the box and then uncheck it Prepare Problem Solved! Thank you Ahoeben!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I tried to do what you say, but I can't get the setting to activate. There is a little i next to that says the setting is hidden by the value of Support Mesh. Then when I turn on the Support Mesh setting, it refuses to appear. I even turned every setting on and it still didn't appear in the Special Modes section.....how can I get the setting to appear?
  3. Hi am having a strange issue with my print. I made 2 pieces of custom support (shown in black) for the top of the S. This is how I would I would like it to print...however, When I select Layer View, it looks like this. The support material is unnecessarily extended to the build plate. How can I prevent that?
  4. I am having an issue with my Ultimaker 3 whereby whichever extruder is activated 2nd does not retract on the first layer and makes lines all over. In the example below I used Cura 3.6.0 and mostly default settings. The Pink (Extruder #2) activates first to draw the skirt and then does all the pink letters and hearts while retracting properly. Then the Black activates and after making the prime blob, drags a line to the skirt. [I have found: WHICHEVER EXTRUDER ACTIVATES SECOND, DRAGS THIS LINE...SOMETIMES DRAGGING THE PRIME BLOB WITH IT AND RUINING THE PRINT] . Then as the black material moves from one spot to the next, it drags an ugly black line across the pink. How do I stop this from happening? I have tried turning Combing Mode to 'Not in Skin' and to 'Within Infill' and the problem persists. I have not tried turning Combing Mode off yet because it would add extend the print job from 6 hours to 8 hours. Any other suggestions?
  5. Thanks Kman for the three suggestions. 1) Do you have any suggestions on how to check if the glass plate is actually flat? I have tried turning the plate 180 degrees and I see the same test print pattern either way. 2) I have tried doing a manual level and then an active level this morning and the active level was really bad. One of the corners did not come anywhere close to touching down on the glass. The subsequent print was way off the bed. I am wondering if there is a bug in the active leveling program? 3) Could you clarify the third suggestion...which screw should I tighten/loosen?
  6. Due to some failed prints in the front right and back left corners, I noticed that the build plate (print bed) was not fully level at all even after carefully performing the manual leveling procedure. After over a dozen of these quick single layer, dual extrusion test prints seen in the picture. I am still having a lot of trouble achieving a level glass surface despite adjusting the screws on the bottom of the plate. In some corners it is too tight to print the first layer and in other corners, the material is not tight enough and separates off the glass too easily. I am wondering how to fix the back right corner when there are only 3 screws? I can't tighten the screw in the back center because then the left back corner gets too low. Any advice is helpful.
  7. Problem solved! Combing and Z hop OFF. Retract Before Outer Wall and Optimize Wall Printing Order ON. combingandzhopoff.gcode
  8. Thanks for the help. I turned combing completely off and I had Z-hop on for the red and off for the black. Unfortunately, this adds quite a bit of time to the print... It looks pretty good, but I see little dots in the small letters now where the Z-hops occurred for the red. The most noticeable dot is at the top left of the T. I have often seen this in prints when the Z hop is turned on. The other problem with this print is that it is more stringy in quite a few places and the top is rough. My next print will have Z hop turned off. I will post a pic. Thanks again! I hope they fix the combing bug soon though. combingoff.gcode combingoff.gcode
  9. I am having this exact same frustrating issue. The keychain on the left has little blobs of red above the small letters made during the combing maneuver. When I changed combing to 'No Skin'. I ended up with tons of crossing lines even though I had 'Retract Before Outer Wall' and 'Outer Before Inner Walls' checked. I found a possible plugin solution, but I can't figure out how to get the plugin installed. https://github.com/Dim3nsioneer/Cura-Plugins/wiki/Retract-While-Combing-plugin. Can anyone help me? kc.gcode kc.gcode
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