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  1. Thanks alot!! That was what I was wondering about. It can't be just adjusting a few values only under the speed section right. It should be proportionally adjusting all values based on limitation and percentage. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Hi there, I just got a quick question regarding UM3. During printing when I tune the speed percentage, does anyone know what print speed parameter does it change? Does it change all of the individual parameter (General Print Speed, Infill Speed, Wall Speed, Top/Bottom Speed) which I have set into the percentage I have set on the machine? Say if my setting in Cura was Print Speed 45mm/s, Infill 45mm/s, Wall 45 mm/s and Top/Bottom 35 mm/s. When I turn the knob to 70% does it change to Print Speed 31.5mm/s, Infill 31.5mm/s, Wall 31.5 mm/s and Top/Bottom 24.5 mm/s?
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