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  1. 1- Is the "Preferences > Configure Cura > General > Automatically drop models to the build plate" option checked? Yes 2- Was the model moved in Z axis? No 3- Has the "Build Plate Adhesion > Initial Layer Z Overlap" a lower value, like 0.15? have never changed that value, in fact can not find it.. See Video https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eO-SiLqzdGbgvPnZse5-dC5WXmSemSwP
  2. For some reason in Cura 3.2 Beta the build plate turns translucent and the Model drops below the build plate, As seen in the Image attached. After clicking on "Reload All Models"
  3. I have recently Installed Cura 3.2 Beta. I was playing with the new Tree Support, when I determined that I could only save the Model to PC and not upload too my two OctoPrint Pi's. I tried to enter the API numbers as I did in Cura 3.1 that correctly run both of my 3D Printers thru OctoPrint. It will only except one API then will duplicate it to the Other OctoPrint. Thinking that this was the reason I could not sent the sliced model to Octoprint decided to test using only one of the OctoPrint 3D Printers, did not work.. I can not send a sliced model to OctoPrint to be printed as I did using Cura 3.1. I can slice the model save to PC then send to OctoPrint from the PC. The strange part is I can preheat hot bed only from Cura, or using OctoPrint set the nozzle temp and what the temperature increase in Cura 3.2 Beta, I am allowed to move all axis and Home XY or Home XY & Z. and as you might find have sent a Cura 3.2 Crash reports trying to set the API code. Thank You They are Pi Zeros for OctoPrint.
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