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  1. That was it. I disabled layer retraction and it prints perfectly. Thank you.............
  2. Item 2 is resolved by exposing Minimum Speed in the cooling section and setting to so something real slow like 1mm/s. That way when doing the fine tip, you will get some layer cooling. Produced good results that way. Just issue 1 to resolve.
  3. Installed the Cura 3.2 Beta release and when I was attempting to print this rocket , I have 2 issues with the print. First issue is that there is a seam / print head jump on each layer. It is almost like a layer change but is not. The print head will reverse and then continue going forward. This shows up as a seam / blob on the skin. I have both Spiralize Outer Contour and Smooth Spiralized Contours checked. I will un-check Smooth Spiralized Contours to see if that contributes to the problem Second issue is that when the above print is completing, the top layers go very fast, despite having Minimum Layer Time set to 7 seconds. It appears that this setting is not used in Spiralization. I have attached a photo that shows both issues. I think cura is a great slicer and love to see all the new features that are being added.
  4. I am running on a laptop, only 8GB Ram installed (funny, I thought it was 12) with the save OS version. I have intel graphics but an older ( 2016 Driver) You have 32GB of Ram. I have seen where there are software issues when programs cross 2x level of memory, what I mean is crossing 16 gb, 32, 64 etc. It introduces another address bit that need to be accounted for. So, just as an experiment, perhaps you could remove some of your RAM, and see if CURA still crashes. Just a thought.............. Good Luck
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