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  1. Amazing, my Ultimaker is now over its identity crisis! Thanks @gr5 and @Daid for quick replies and good instructions!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a rather inconvenient issue. In December, my UM3 (regular) refused to boot after a period of inactivity. I tried loading the recovery firmware image onto to a micro SD, and booting from this without luck - it was stone dead. I have now had the machine for service at my reseller, but it returned with the UM3 Extended firmware... I immediately found out something was wrong when the build plate smashed into the print head during a bed leveling, causing an awful, awful sound. Surely enough, in the "Maintenance - About this printer" menu, it reads "Ultimaker 3 Extended". Now, how do I load the correct firmware onto the printer? I have tried updating from USB as well as a factory reset, but both defaults to UM3 Extended. I really do not hope I need to take it to the reseller again, as it is quite inconvenient. Plus my faith in their work isn't exactly super strong after this ordeal. Looking forward to your input! Rasmus
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