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  1. Due to a family emergency, I'm selling my 3 week old Ultimaker 3. It's in pristine, brand-new like condition with all the original accessories, box and a few extras. With the sale, I'm including three unopened rolls of Matterhacker filament, a 1/4 spool of the Ultimaker 3 silver filament, and an opened, but never used PVR filament. I'm also including an additional glass plate and some Ultimaker 3 cleaning filament. The right extruder only has 4 days on it, and the left has about an hour and a half. I have all the original paperwork. If you live in Washington state, you may pick it up and
  2. Thank you both for the information. I guess I could also just set up a raspberry pi camera as well. However, @gr5 your image looks pretty good. I may just use the web interface you wrote about and leave it at that.
  3. I just purchased my first Ultimaker 3 and should have it in hand within the next fews days. I was wondering two things while I wait though. What is the resolution of the camera, and can it be upgraded at a later date (perhaps to HD if it's not, or 4k if it's already HD). Also, can the camera be used with Octoprint or is it only accessible through Cura? Thanks, looking forward to being part of the Ultimaker community. John
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