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  1. I just installed a profile for the UM3, and you can indeed set inner and outer walls to different extruders! It's under Shell. Question answered!
  2. This is a very nice feature they didn't tell us about! I've also been considering the starkly different requirements of infill v wall - is it possible to configure a dual extrusion, dual nozzle setup so that one nozzle prints infill and perhaps inner wall, one (smaller bore) nozzle does outer wall?
  3. I was printing some leveling knobs and noticed, a few hours in, the nozzle temp was wildly off. I deduced the problem was the post-processing settings I'd input for the previous job, a temp tower, were still active. To confirm, I selected New Project, checked the post-processing settings, and they were still there. I had to manually delete each line from the script to remove it. This was not expected behaviour. There either needs to be less persistent PP scripts or more dialog warnings that they are either active or about to be erased.
  4. Just a point of clarity - does ALH only reduce layer height from the assigned value, or can it go either way (increase or decrease)? Should we set it e.g. 0.32mm for a 4mm nozzle, or 0.2 with a 0.12mm max variation to give a range between 0.08mm and 0.32mm?
  5. That's the problem. I updated OpenGL via Oibaf's PPA but that only got as far as OpenGL 3.3. It turns out Sandybridge integrated GPUs don't support 4. I'll have to try it on my desktop with a discrete GPU.
  6. It's a very interesting update. Currently testing adaptive layers, can't find a way to visualise them on the Linux version? I'm only offered compatibility mode, nothing available in preferences or cura.cfg?
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