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  1. Does Cura add different start up scripts over usb? I’ll change the gcode flavor to marlin. Obviously there is a difference, but why choose marlin gcode over Ultimaker 2 in Cura? Also, as an aside when I print from simply3d on sd and start a print it says it’s going to override settings and to select continue it cancel. When I select continue the screen moves over to cancel but still prints as usual. When printing from sd from Cura no such question is asked from the printer.
  2. I'm having the exact same issue trying to add a PETG profile. It's getting super irritating.
  3. Hello, I'm going to try my best to explain what is going on with my printer. I have a 2 Extended+ that I keep fiddling the bed on. Sometimes I think I'm too close and plastic doesn't come out, then I move it up and it comes out real thin and stringy. I tend to use Simply3D but have since moved back to Cura as I like the ease of first layer settings based in mm. I hate how Simply uses percentages. Anyway, I loaded a model in the latest Cura and sliced it. While printing off the sd card the first layer lines come out thin and wiry and I can easily push it off the glass. T
  4. I was thinking if I was going to go with a v6 I would go with the 1.75 version. I have a number of printers and they are all 1.75. The UM is my only 2.85 and I don’t have nearly as much as I have 1.75 filament. Just trying to make it consistent across all my printers.
  5. Good evening, i dont know if this has been done before or if it is even worth it. Is it possible to swap the UM2+ hot end with an E3D V6 hot end? I’m looking to upgrade the extruder with a bond tech qr extruder and was curious if the v6 is a worthwhile upgrade. thank you, nick
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