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  1. Well I jumped the gun that was a partial fix for only one of the printer's and one of the profiles. Hey at least I got the application running again right? I think I am getting somewhere though. FYI: Sorry I would have limited my replies to one edited thread but this forum is moderated and on top of that I cannot edit a thread to be moderated apparently...
  2. OK 0scar pointed me in the right direction. To get things going I... Backed up all the files in C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.0 then Install v3.1. I then restore the files pertaining to my machine(s) from the 3.0 backup I created making no modifications to them. Apparently the installers are not copying something over properly or are messing things up somehow. I can honestly say after figuring this out it is not a Windows 10 issue, video driver issue, or a you must right click and run things as an administrator issue.
  3. Software has been broke for me sine 3.0.4... Windows update did not fix it. Can't find a user configuration file. Deleting the Cura files located in the AppData directory don't work. So where are these printer profiles you are talking about and what did you do to fix it? I love how people find a solution and leave their solution so vague to the point it is of no help to others. EDIT: Sorry about that I see you said roaming. (frustration from other posts I have read.) What ended up being the problem with the files?
  4. After running into the Cura 3.1 wont start issue after upgrading I switched back to 3.0.4 just to make things work again. After not giving it much thought tonight I noticed 3.2 is on the horizon and figured I might as well give the upgrade a shot again. As was reported in the past by others after upgrading to 3.1 Cura flat out refuses to start. Even gave 3.2 BETA a try same thing. So I am thinking OK this is open source surly someone has found and fixed the issue. Sadly digging through the forums all I see are the same rehashed no working suggestion. I have deleted everything related to Cura of my computer I can find yet 3.1 nor 3.2 BETA will launch. Windows 10 is up to date. All the answers which worked for no one of course don't work for me either such as running the application as administrator, deleting the user config file (whatever that is hell I went as far as deleting everything Cura from AppData and Program Files after uninstalling everything) ,and running windows update. Here is the stderr.log and stdout.log for 3.1.0 before I deleted everything I could find related to Cura. Be nice to actually get Cura working once more... Any clues before I am stuck switching to Slic3r or Simplify3D? stderr.log stdout.log
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