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  1. in your case I wouldn't change the pins and socket as its just introducing potential issues where there are none. once you find the appropriate firmware (no idea if that is your one sorry) there will be a line under configuration.h which will allow you to reverse the direction of travel for individual axis. first maybe try updating your firmware following this guide https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/242-firmware also check your motor plug is plugged in correctly. IIRC in my first printer (reprappro mendel) you could reverse the motor by flipping the plug as well.
  2. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin/blob/master/Marlin/pins.h#L1156 this was the right bit to change in the end for anyone who finds this like i did. i was simply doing the wrong one. y changes #define Y_STEP_PIN 49 #define Y_DIR_PIN 47 #define Y_STOP_PIN 26 #define Y_ENABLE_PIN 48 e1 changes #define E1_STEP_PIN 32 #define E1_DIR_PIN 33 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 31 cheers for the help!
  3. thanks for this, it seems to be the same changes i made save for the fact that there are 2 endstop pins for each axis now. i did, there is most certainly a square chip and associated circutry to match the other 4 behind the e1 plug
  4. Thanks for the response here is the code as i have edited it. it is on motherboard==7 #define Y_STEP_PIN 49 #define Y_DIR_PIN 47 #define Y_MIN_PIN 26 #define Y_MAX_PIN 28 #define Y_ENABLE_PIN 48 and #define E1_STEP_PIN 31 #define E1_DIR_PIN 33 #define E1_ENABLE_PIN 29 on verifying i get this, but it does compile sketch/SdFatUtil.cpp:29:13: warning: type of '__bss_end' does not match original declaration extern int __bss_end; ^ sketch/Marlin_main.cpp:292:23: note: previously decl
  5. seconding, could someone elaborate on exactly what to change? i modified the lines in the area i linked (swapping y for e1) but am unable to get it working. connecting the y motor to the x axis and moving it via printrun works fine so its definitely the driver. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin/blob/master/Marlin/pins.h#L986
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