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  1. There you go, that´s what I was looking for, I didn´t know that setting Thanks
  2. Actually the less retraction I set, the best part quality I get but with lot of stringing. From left to right: LEFT: Retraction: 30mm/s 3mm 210ºC MIDDLE PART: Retraction: 35mm/s 6mm 205ºC RIGHT: Retraction: 50mm/s 8mm 210ºC When I added too much retraction stringing was almost eliminated but I got poor quality (like under-extrusion). I can try to lower temperature to 200º and print slower, thanks for the advice. Going back to one of the initial question, how can I set in Cura to avoid starting each layer in the same area and enter/exit the part in the same positions? Thanks again
  3. I have some issues due to stringing and I think temperature, speed and retraction are not the problem. I heard in some slicers you can define that each layer starts in a different (random) area, so the defects don´t show up in the same area of the part. Do you know how to do it with Cura? Thanks
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