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  1. Cool, I appreciate the response and especially considering it for a future release. Meanwhile, I can tackle it in alternative ways.
  2. Cura knows the size of the object being sliced (it says it down in the bottom). Let's say I want to send a G29 command to the printer suffixed by the size of the print job. For example, I'm printing a 50x50 object I see no reason to wait 5 minutes while it autolevels across a 300 x 300 bed. I see other applications as well and I wondered if there was a way for me to instead of say "send G29 at print start", say "send G29 X{x of project] Y{y of project]" or even better (if I want to get complex) something like this psuedo code: "send G29 P{int(print size / 25)" {the idea being
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