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  1. Hi gr5 PVA was clogging. Was using PLA for hot and cold pulls. Thanks again guys
  2. Hi Kman, I have noticed some bubbling early when I first started but not recently. Will try new material and see if it sorts the problem.
  3. Hi GR5. Hot and cold pulled multiple times to no avail. Believe the clog was stopping the PLA getting into the nozzle to be heated. You may be right about the PLA having moisture - will try again with new material - I just cant understand why it takes quite a few hours before it clogs.
  4. Hi all - thanks so much for all of the feedback and ideas. Have removed the nozzle from the print head and soaked it in ammonia to remove the burnt PVA. As the PVA moves works perfectly for hours before becoming blocked I am wondering if the might be a heating problem with the print head so will order another. I'm based in Queenstown NZ which has vert low humidity generally so not expecting that to be the issue but will order more PVA as well - just wish it wasn't so expensive. The error message on the screen was a result of removing the head from the machine when it was paused. Was hoping to continue the print without the PVA to see if it could finish but no go. This issue - PVA clogging the nozzle has been an issue on almost every print I have done using it so am considering changing to break away or hips but prefer to stick with PVA to improve the finish. Attached is an couple of images of a house model I need to print - design is loosely based on the Riverside Museum in Glasgow. I need the skillion roof to be removable so will use a lot of PVA to form it so need to get it right. If anyone has any ideas on how best to attach it or want the stl files to have a play yourselves let me know. I am currently thickening walls etc to make it printable.
  5. Hi All, Hoping to get some insight into why my BB print head keeps blocking half way through big prints. I end up with a baked hard nozzle plugged with black / brown PVA. Really frustrating 10 hours in. If anyone can suggest a solution I would be very grateful. Using UM3 Extended. This print is part of a fence being built on a rural property in New Zealand
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