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  1. Thanks a lot for these infos, it seems to work fine! After only a few iterations, we had a nice Sierpinski triangle. However, the G280, seems to extrude a lot of filament
  2. Thanks for the quick answer I was asking more for those lines : and those comments : So for a layer_height of 0.2mm, a line width of 2mm, a segment of 20mm, I have a volume of 8mm^3. I guess I have to compare it to the volume of the filament. So for a filament of 2.85mm diameter, I have a volume of 3.14*(1.425)^2*h mm^3. And I have to solve 3.14*(1.425)^2*h = 8, which gives me something around 1.25, but this seems a bit much. According to Cura, the results is around 0.2
  3. During a CS lesson, I'ld like the students to generate a gcode so that they can print their results on a UM3. I'm making some tries, but their seems to have some issues. I've look at this post that gives what should appear in the header. But it seems that there must also a ender mandatory, as after the first print, the printer had trouble to print anything. So using Cura, I've generate a gcode to try to mimic it. Are the last 18 lines mandatory (see in the test.gcode file)? Also, I'll like to know how the quantity of filament to extrude is computed (the E value)? I guess it depends on the distance traveled and the speed, but the ratio I've computed doesn't give a nice result, as you can see on the picture :(. test.gcode
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