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  1. Ok, well the guy who is printing it says it should come out ok. Ive seen alot of prints filled in when they should be hollow, so that was the worry. He said Yellow is the bottom layer. ?/? I guess Ill find out in a couple weeks.
  2. Its 1.5mm the limit is 1mm. Just wondering why it comes up blank?
  3. Hmmm, On layer one, it is (Yellow/bottom) but it is now actually clear so you can see the sides. I think Illl post a pic. Is this going to print the bottom part? I can only see it on layer one, so I think thats ok (bottom yellow Cura)?? (This is the bottom in CURA level 1) Does this mean it will print?)
  4. Ill try to do this without uploading a pic, so here goes: Im making a cylinder, 2mm walls including ''bottom'' (which is actually the top). Its 42mm across. So like " half a tin can cut open", but the base/bottom which is basically flat, comes out in CURA as RED, IE: Overhang, on the entire bottom. Will this print or is it not imaged properly? I need to print this without mistakes if possible, not my machine! Total newbie!! ""
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