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  1. Ah thank again for giving me so much information i am mostly just getting in to as a hobby i been eyeing buying a 3D printer for years now. i mostly looking to get in to building headset part at moment. i wanted to know any extra bit of information before i go out an buy one then find out i need to buy something else to go with it if i built a enclosure an put a air purifier inside it would that work ? or would i need outside source for fresh air ? an if that the case could i build enclosure an seal all the particulate then turn on air purifier after would that result in same e
  2. Hello. i was looking at getting in to buying a 3D printer. main issue is i want to put it on my home desk but i been reading all these topic on health issue with running a 3D printer in an enclose space. i was wondering if the newer model fix this problem or do i need to build some kinda filter system to protect myself?. Thanks for any information i can get :).
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