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  1. and is there a way to report ultimaker team about this bug ?
  2. It works Thank you and how to delete the extracted files in case i want to delete them?
  3. and how to delete the extrated files in case i want to delete them?
  4. Thank you but i use ubuntu and cura 4.6.1 and in the second picture in my second reply above ,i make cura window to be full screen but still not working I still dont have scroll down
  5. by the way i use ubuntu as operating system , so this is linux distribution of cura 4.6.1
  6. Hi Guys i Cura 4.6.1 i try to go down wards as u can see in the picture In the per model setting to modify my added settings in the list but i cant Because simply they are dow and i cant select them . there is no scroll down !! so any one has a suggestion for no-existing scroll down ?
  7. Hi guys How to pause and how to tweak at certain z level in cura 3.1
  8. Hi guys i want to print the inner wall and outer wall of an object with different speed depending on the position of the wall in the body of the object for instance i want to make the out wall of the object in fast speed but the wall of the holes inside the object because they are small so i want to print their walls in lower speed what should i do ?
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