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  1. Hi, I just wondered about the life expectancy of a UM2/2+ Is there an estimated life span for certain parts? Thanks for your help. Mick
  2. I take it there is not much back up and spares available then! I was looking at a printer with 2500 hours on it for my first printer but if spares are not readily available then I will give it a miss I think. I don't know how long one of these printers will last and I cant go buying a whole load of trouble. Regards Mick
  3. I am looking to get my first 3D printer and like the look of the Ultimaker kit, but unfortunately out of my price range! I have the opertunity to purchase a used one and wondered what the back-up would be like and also spare parts availability. Are these available to users of second hand gear? Regards Mick
  4. Many thanks for your help, I appreciate your advice!
  5. What is the difference between the UM2 and the UM2+? Is a UM2 fitted with the upgrade kit the same as a newly purchased UM2+? Thanks in advance for your replies. Mick
  6. I am looking to purchase a Ultimaker 2 with the 2+ upgrade as I want to print Nylon parts. Will this printer be OK for this. This will be on a very light commercial basis. The parts will only be in the region of 25x18x13mm for the smallest up to approx. 55x20x25 for the larger items. I am hoping there will be lots of these - but it depends on how they go! Also, what size filament does the 2+ use? Any help and advise greatly appreciated. Many thanks Mick
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